• For Startups

    Wharton Alumni Angels invests in companies that have achieved product-market fit - they have revenue growth, understanding of their customer segments, and clear go-to-market plan. We look for companies with a strong team, a scalable business model, and a large potential market.

    Wharton Alumni Angels considers investments in fundraising rounds that have a term sheet with a committed lead investor and provide standard investor rights (information rights, pro-rata, tag-along, liquidation preference rights, etc.).


    To start the funding process, please complete the application below.

    Wharton Alumni Angels does not make any recommendations about investments. Each member of Wharton Alumni Angels must recognize that she/he must make her/his own decision about any investment made, and must not rely upon the staff or management of Wharton Alumni Angels, nor upon any member of Wharton Alumni Angels.